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Complete H2O Minerals

Complete H2O Minerals uses the latest and most developed technology to deliver minerals and vitamins to the body at the cellular level

Our Mission

Complete H2O Minerals Co., Inc. will strive to provide a healthy, safe and friendly environment for our customers and employees. We will provide extraordinary customer service with the highest quality dietary supplement available at a competitive price. We aim to put our customers’ needs first.

Our History

Complete H2O Minerals Co., Inc. was founded in February 2004. We started out with one small building. With hard work and determination, we now currently have a 10,000 sq ft, state of the art, manufacturing facility. We became GMP certified in January of 2010. We are registered with the FDA and are HACCP approved. We provide the very best vitamins and minerals to our customers that are located all around the world. We also support many missionaries and mission organizations around the world to help others.


For Top Performance and Well Being

Our Manufacturing Process

1. Raw Minerals

We start with a mineral that is 99% pure or better.

2. Liquid Form

Liquid Minerals

Through our process, we break down these minerals to an Ionic / Angstrom size state. We keep these minerals in a suspended state of solution. These minerals are then added to water that has gone through extensive purification. We ensure that all milligram levels are set to the appropriate level that is best for your body.

5. Bottling

Final phase is bottling and ready for shipping directly to you.

4. Minerals

Mineral water storage tanks

Tested products are transferred into our mineral tanks before bottling.

3. Test

Testing machine

To ensure our levels are accurate, correct, and safe, we conduct thorough in-house testing. Complete H2O Minerals does something no other company does, we also send our minerals out for a second test that is conducted by an independent laboratory.

Our Products

Mineral Water Concentrates Vitamins & Blends Kits

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